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Sunday Scoops: DIY Sensory Table

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  • 2 Heavy Duty Utility Shelves (Can sub with milk crates or small tables)
  • 2 Shallow Storage Bins (with snap-on lids if planning to cover when not in use)
  • Toys, cups, utensils
  • Buckets to hold toys, cups etc.


  • Align the shelves side-by-side paralleled.
  • Place shallow storage bins on top of shelves.
  • Fill bins with wet or dry option you have chosen.
  • Add toys, cups, utensils to bins and have extras placed in buckets underneath shelves for easy access.

Here for my son’s first birthday party I used 6 boxes of Toasted Oh’s from Trader Joe’s and filled the storage bins with the oh’s, toys, cups and kid safe utensils.  He munched on a  few too because he loves Oh’s and these tables were “Oh Heaven” for a babe!  There are endless possibilities of what you can fill them with.  I am probably going to do spaghetti noodles one of these days…cooked and cooled first of course.  This slimy option will be a hit I am sure.  If you use good sturdy bins with snap on lids…it is easy to clean up and cover to keep contents clean and critters out for the next day of play.  Have fun!


P.S. Here is a quick shot of the shelves I use. :)