Weekly Whims: Mommy Lockdown! Tweens and their machines! Oiy!

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Alright so this has been quite the transition with our son that just turned 12.  The constant…”but everyone else has one…” and relentless badgering for the next best thing to “fit in” has nearly been enough to drive me to drink (which is saying a lot because I don’t drink).  I completely remember feeling like he does, and like most other parents…want my kids to have more than I did as a child.  However, now coming from a parent’s stand point…I feel like a line has to be drawn somewhere.  Right?  It isn’t that I necessarily am only worried about all the things that having a cell phone and social media can expose him to…it’s more about just trying to keep his life simple and allowing what is truly needed at the appropriate time.  So no, he still doesn’t have a cell phone.  However, for Christmas we did get him an iPod Touch for app gaming and to let the reigns out a bit by allowing him to text with his friends.  My husband and I heavily monitor the device and have set restrictions.  Within days, he quickly became “obsessed” with it.  Screen time went through the roof.  I was mega frustrated always looking at him with his face in that thing, barely responsive to the people in the room with him.  So came what I like to call “Mommy Lockdown”.  I even texted the lockdown message to him so that he could reference the formally written terms regularly.  No “I forgot” whines outta him!  HAHAHA!   Now that the air is clear, of course he is still wishful for many things, as we all are.  He is being more reasonable and accepting of the rules so that he may be allowed the privilege of having anything at all that falls in the category of “wants” rather than “needs”.   I won’t claim victory just yet as I know there are years of hurdles ahead, but for the time being I am feeling a whole lot better about an area that has stressed me out for months.  Woo hoo!  The very best part is when I see him being more present with our family and heading outside to shoot hoops and spend real face time with friends.  :)  Any tips or advice you may have with tweens is greatly appreciated.  I welcome you to comment below and as always thanks for reading friends!  ~ Lisa




Weekly Whims: Toddlers—Natural Mischief Makers -or- Just Their Apprentice?

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WHY ARE THEY SO FAST!?!?  Seriously, it feels like in 0.23 seconds they are gone from climbing up over here to getting into that over there!  Whew…It certainly is a full-time job keeping up with this dude!  I can tell he knows exactly what he’s up to and he knows the Sherriff (me) in town is watching!  I am just trying to sort out…is he naturally engrained with this drive of mischief making or is he merely their apprentice?  My older ones set examples, giggle and encourage the silly craziness that is his toddlerhood.  I am trying to figure out when we went from chill babe to Lil Man the Menace.  Good grief!  It’s a good thing he is so stinkin’ cute and lovey…otherwise I think he’d be duck taped to the ceiling!  Anyone else just trying to keep up?  :D


Hmmm…it appears the training started very early


Bathtime?  Nah…Mama needs a new dishwasher!  Yesss!!



Shelves?  No no no…they look like stairs to me Ma! Oh and you don’t need decorations!



Tissues are my favorite.  Oh and I might be part Labrador.

 Who’s up for a game of Hide N’ Seek?




Chair to block me? Yo Tweety! …Sylvester aint got nothin’ on me. 

Here birdie birdies! Tweet Tweet! Muahahaha!


 Good thing I am such a cute “monster”.  She’ll keep me forever!