New Year’s Resolutions

Weekly Whims: 15 New Year’s Resolutions that stick + 5% more sarcasm!

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If you are a resolution setter then you know there have been one or two…maybe all….that you didn’t make happen or stick with beyond the first week in January. So I say, let’s get real and set some attainable resolutions that we can really stick with and most definitely better ourselves with in 2015. How ’bout it?!

Here it goes…

1) Floss more….whoops…wrong list. Fess up to your dentist that flossing is just not for you and having them scraped clean every 6 months will just have to do. My teeth. My life. = no lecture. Thanks Doc!
2) Drink more coffee.  A real Cuppa Sunshine & Sugar! {wink, wink}
3) Take more naps.  Hey wake up!  We gotta finish this list!
4) Start coloring your hair. Hair dye= One of God’s many gifts.
5) Stop coloring your hair. Gray gracefully.  It’s like wearing festive tinsel all year long.
6) Cook more with a back-up restaurant take-out number handy.
7) Really LOL when saying LOL in messages. Stop the lies.
8) Start using LIM = Laughing Inside Myself.IMG_3939
9) Choosey moms choose JIF. Choosey friends choose keepers. Find the good eggs and toss the rotten ones.  They stink.
10) Invite friends over more. Quit worrying about what they will think about your house and just hope for the best…that they will help clean and organize it for you.
11) Stop a bad habit and start flossing.  I mean if you are going to have an unpleasant habit…it should be that.  Am I right or am I right?
12) Quit hiding one aisle over from that person you know and spotted at the store. When did hello get so hard? Just text a quick hello and get it over with already.
13) Start saying no. These full plates of yes’s is getting outta hand.  By the way…are you available to babysit my troupe every major holiday in 2015?  That was a test.  You failed didn’t you?  On to 14 then….
14) Volunteer your spouse more. Sometimes saying no is just too hard.
15) Be more awesome than last year.

Have more to add to the list? Please share!

Happy New Year! Rock it people!