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Sunday Scoops: DIY Infant or Toddler Birthday Party

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I found myself stuck when trying to come up with a theme for my youngest son’s first birthday party this past year.  With my older children, as infants and toddlers, they had a favorite cartoon character that made it easy to pull off a theme that had supplies available at the party store.  However, with my littlest guy…he was a bit different.  He was not really partial or even interested in any particular character.  So I had to stop and think generally about what he liked.  The park, dogs and trucks!  So I did this mish mash DIY party at the park with dog and firetruck décor theme.  As far as activities for the party…we had a wide age range of guests so I wanted to be sure to have something to entertain everyone, but my #1 priority was to have stuff for my birthday boy to do that were more for his age as well.  After all it was his party!   Here is what I came up with…


Treat bags:  All items came from home or craft store.  White paper lunch sacks, Paw print and Friends Always stamp & Black Ink Pad, Firetruck Ribbon, Dog Stickers, Die-cut brown tags from craft store.

Homemade Cupcakes:  Made cupcakes at home.  Sprinkled frosting with colored sugar sprinkles to match theme.  Toppers are blank white toothpick flags that I found at the craft store and stamped myself to match treat bags.

Decorated high chair: Wrapped legs of chair with streamers in theme colors.  Made tissue pom-pom and stuck it to the back of the chair for an even more festive look that was out of baby’s reach to rip apart.

Sensory table:  HUGE HIT!  My lil guy loves water tables but this particular fall day I wanted him to stay dry and comfortable and still have a ton of fun.  Check out the post DIY Sensory Table for more on this awesome and easy option for your little one.

Sensory ball/shape basket and Big Truck Toys:  All from home and great for the littlest party guests

Puppet Theater:  I had a large piece of leftover fleece fabric and made a puppet theater out of it.  I strung it up between two trees and the older kids enjoyed playing with puppets in our outdoor “living room” that we had set up.  I would not recommend this for an outdoor party if it is really windy unless you bring something to weigh down the bottom of the fabric.  Which is what I had to do as the winds picked up out of nowhere that day.  The outdoor blanket in our outdoor “living room” space was a nice addition to have a comfy spot to open gifts later in the party.

Older kids activities (not pictured):  I took along a Basketball, Soccer Ball and set of cones for them to fire up a game, Frisbees and Hula Hoops.

These activities in addition to the park amenities made for a fun day for all ages!