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Sunday Scoops: TP Snowmen Activity! Keep ’em busy over the holiday break!

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This was an idea that I came up with on a whim.  With a short notice Winter Break Holiday Party planned, I had to come up with something that would be winter-themed and fun for a broad age range (from toddlers to teens).  It had to be quick and easy to put together.  TP Snowmen was a hit!

What you need:

  • From your closet: Hats, Scarves, Earmuffs
  • Silly accessories: Anything from silly hats, headbands (like antlers) and sunglasses to dress-up stuff like tiaras, feather boas, etc.  Whatever you can find around the house!
  • Toilet Paper (Have enough for 2-3 rolls per guest)
  • Foam craft sheets (multi colored from the dollar store is fine)
  • Stretchy string
  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks for it  (Captain Obvious here…you’re welcome!)
  • Scissors

How to do it:

  • Turn on, pre-heat glue gun.  (Captain Obvious again…I do what I can.)
  • Make the noses!  Roll foam sheets into a “cone” shape.  Use glue gun to make a bead of glue to fasten the outter corner/flap of foam sheet to itself so that it keeps a cone shape.  Trim wide, open end of noses with scissors so that they are straight to fit against face.  I also cut a small triangle shape underneath at the edge (where nostrils will be) to make it more breathable.  Punch a hole on each wide-end (face) side of “nose”.   I just used a sharp pencil so that the holes wouldn’t be too big.  Use the two holes to attach (tie) the stretchy string.  See close-up photo above.
  • Use baskets/bins to set up an easy-access area to display TP, HATS, SCARVES, NOSES, SILLY ACCESORIES.
  • I divide the group into teams of 3.  One to be the “Snowman”, the others to be the very savvy Frosty Engineers.
  • TAKE PICTURES!  Then rotate positions with a new “Snowman” and Frosty Engineers so that everyone has a turn at each “job”.  TAKE MORE PICTURES!

**Fun additions:



Our moms at the party really got into this activity too.  It was a blast for all…lots of laughs!

We followed the TP Snowmen Activity with a yumm-o COOKIE SWAP.  Everyone brought their favorites to share.  We set the cookies up buffet-style and everyone got to pick their mix in a festive bag.  Wrapped up the party with a showing of the very funny movie Fred Claus.  Good times even with little time to plan.  Will do again!

Have fun!


P.S. Don’t fret the mess!  I put the small army to work and they had that TP cleaned up in two minutes flat!

Old School DIY Ringtoss Party BBQ game

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What & How:

  • Shallow box
  • Glass beverage bottles-enough to fill your size of box
  • Twine/string to tie base of bottles. I tied mine in groups of 6 to help keep them upright during play
  • Set of children’s bracelets (party favor section usually has sets)
  • Electrical tape (I used black) to cover bracelets if you don’t prefer color or design. I also used the tape to reinforce the bracelets since they were a cheap dollar store set and to make them uniform in color. (Optional)
  • Letter decals/stickers for game name on front of box (optional)

Voila! Now get a ringer! Good luck!