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Sunday Scoops: DIY Headband Holder

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I was desperate to find a way to organize my daughters heap of headbands, large clips and bows.  I made this easy peezy lemon squeezy holder in about 15 minutes!


  • Empty oatmeal container
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hot glue gun + glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A piece of fabric that will cover the entire container.  You can use scrapbook paper, but I chose fabric since I knew it would last longer and if the container was ever used in the bathroom the paper would probably rumple with condensation.


  • Remove lid from oatmeal container and set aside.
  • Add a strip of double sided tape around the very top outer edge of container.
  • Add another strip of tape in one line vertically from top to bottom of the container.
  • Attach edge of fabric to this vertical strip.  Apply a second strip of tape in the same place on top of the fabric so that you may stick the end of fabric in the same place after wrapped all the way around.
  • Rotate container keeping fabric taught and as you go adhere the top edge of the fabric to the strip of tape that you put around the top outer edge in step 2.
  • Once you have made it back around to the original seam, you may attach the end of the fabric to vertical tape.  For a clean crisp look at seam…my fabric went a bit too far past seam, so I trimmed it allowing about a 1/2″ past tape line.  This allowed me to fold the edge under to have a clean look when taping at the final seam.  **Optional: You can use a cool iron gently on the seam to flatten it more if you want or need to.


  • You will likely have some excess fabric at the bottom which is what you want.  Trim as needed leaving about a 1″ to wrap under bottom.
  • Wrap bottom edge of fabric under container and adhere fabric to the bottom of the container with the hot glue gun. You will need to overlap the fabric a bit underneath due to the shape to keep fabric taught.


  • Put the lid on!  Now you may store whatever your heart desires inside of the container and headbands on the outside. 🙂


**You could forego the tape and glue gun if you want to use mod-podge adhesive but will need to allow drying time for that option.  With tape and glue in the above sample that I made…no dry time and ready to use!