green bean casserole

Slow Cooker Classic Green Bean Casserole

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As promised! Prepped the night before, put crock in fridge overnight. Thanksgiving morning I put it on and went for a Turkey Trot Run!!!! Came home to perfectly cooked bubbly green bean casserole and the only sweat on my brow was that from trotting with my turkeys! Making them again and again and again! Enjoy!

***Modification that I made to Green Bean Casserole: I used canned green beans. I used four cans as I had doubled the recipe to have enough for a group of 10 people. Two cans would be the substitute for a single batch. 😋
Also, I think the cook time in the original recipe is too long as the onions didn’t keep form at all so I would check at 2-3 hours…if bubbly and hot then it should be close to done depending on the crock you gave.