Elf on the shelf

Elfin’ Shenanigans!

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So I thought…eh I’m not going to get sucked into this Elf On The Shelf gig….then they had the plushies at Costco. My 6 year old spots them and beams from ear-to-ear at the little mischief makers. She asks me, “what are those elfs (elves) mommy?”….I reluctantly tell her “the story”. That was it. I had sealed our fate. We would be the adoptive family to not one but two elves! She had to have the girl one for herself and a boy one for her brothers. So she counted down the days until Thanksgiving knowing the magic would begin the day after. Now here we sit tallying up the numerous ways they have brought pure joy and hearty giggles to our house every single morning. As an adoptive parent of twin elves I find myself very dependent on my calendar’s daily alert features…..just sayin’….it might be a good idea for The Tooth Fairy to take on this “business practice”. Below are a few pics of Snowflake and Chippey’s shenanigans. I know, I know….my kiddos went with the names straight out of the short film but hey…they are good ones! They may re-name them every year for all I know. So we fudge the rules a little. They have done the forbidden and TOUCHED them (Uhhhh Ohhhhh you say?)…as the story goes, touching them supposedly takes away their “magic”, but we collectively decided that it only takes it away if you don’t have Christmas Spirit in your heart. No shortage there!

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