Oh snap! Blogger Breaktime

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It’s true.  One of the great beauties of blogging is being in control of what and when you write and post.  So why does taking a break feel so hard?  

Nonetheless, after a couple of crazy busy months I have decided that “thy plate runeth over” and it is simply too full for me to give 100% to even one thing on the plate.  I have often been asked how I find the time to blog and I would often just reply with time management tools and plans I use.  That said, as we have recently embarked on more activities with the kids, more hours at work and a remodel of our house…it’s totally throwing off my game.  Keeping it real…something’s  gotta give.  So in declaration of reclaiming my sanity (yahoo!)…I am taking a bit of a break from blogging (wah! sniff!).  

Don’t fret my friends! Cuppa Sunshine & Sugar will stay up for my readers to feel free to revisit posts and recipes and to comment or contact me anytime.  

This break will hopefully help recharge my creative writing batteries as well as keep all that our family has going on…manageable (Crossing fingers).  I’ll still pop into reading up on what is new with my blogging buddies as well so I will still see you all around in that regard.

With that bit of news…I leave you with a giggle of my “Mom of the Year” moment this week…

So my dear friend that cares for my littles while I’m at work…well she needed to use Lil Guy’s change of clothes out of his diaper bag after he sat in a puddle at the park.  Clearly I packed that change of clothes a LONG time ago.  My growin’ boy was less that pleased with the mini-fit! Ha ha! Oops! Sorry buddy!


One Lovely Blog Award! Oh happy day!

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A big thank you to Learn To Love Food for the nomination of the fabulous One Lovely Blog Award!  I am always humbled by the recognition by my fellow bloggers.  It’s that feeling of “THEY LIKE ME!  THEY REALLY LIKE ME!!!”  If you haven’t checked out Learn To Love Food do pop over and check out this great resource to getting even your pickiest eaters to love food….in a healthy and fun way!

Here are the rules/instructions for the “One Lovely Blog Award”:

1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you (mention your nominator in your own award post with a link back to their original award post, which would be this one).

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them on their blogs (usually on their about page or contact directly if necessary) to let them know.

So here it goes, 7 things about me:

1)  As much as I love sugar, in the last year I have been able to at least come to like tea (hot or iced) unsweetened.  It’s like I can actually taste the flavors of the tea now!

2)  I often pace when talking on the phone.  My kids follow me sometimes.

3)  I sleep with one leg out of the covers.  Quality temperature control.

4)  Pizza is my favorite.

5)  Asian cuisine is also my favorite.

6)  I love to make lists.

7)  My favorite day of the week is Saturday.

Now for 15 nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award….so I am going to bend the rules here.  While I could easily jot down 15 of my faves to nominate here…I really want to open this award nomination up to all of the amazing bloggers out there that choose to accept and participate in this award.  Especially any newbies out there that are wondering what the heck these awards are and how do I get one?  Well…here you go…you jumped in two feet first and started a blog…created by you, putting yourself out there…and that makes your blog ONE LOVELY BLOG  to me.  I really love the acknowledgement between bloggers by awards.  As a newer blog of less than 6 months I have quickly learned that every blog in it’s own right is quite lovely and deserves recognition for the sheer amount of work that goes into doing this.  To pick 15, which may seem like a lot to some, it is actually too little and I don’t want to discourage anyone out there that is well deserving of the award by not including them in a list limited by 15.  So for all of my blogging buddies out there in the blogosphere….I nominate YOU!  Thank you so much for your support and I would like to also make a shout out to all of my loyal readers for all of your encouragement.  There have been times that life has gotten so crazy busy that I have thought of putting Cuppa Sunshine & Sugar on hiatus, but my readers keep me carrying on.  I am so glad that you enjoy my little corner of the blogosphere.  Have an awesometastic day!  ~Lisa



Beautiful Blogger Award—Another YAY OF THE DAY!

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Well, I am going to call this my second “YAY OF THE DAY” (YOTD…just made that up.  I’m sorry, I just can’t contain such awesomeness).  :D The first YOTD being an x-ray showing my son’s finger is not broken from a basketball injury.  YAYYYYY!  So needless to say I am glad to spend this time proudly and humbly accepting this award nomination from my dear blogging buddy Chanelle of Chanelle Hayley.  Do pop over and say hi and check out her fab corner of the blogosphere.  She is super welcoming and can rock red lipstick like nobody’s business.  Thanks again for the nomination Ms. Chanelle;)


The Rules 

  1. Display the Award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
  3. Nominate 7 other bloggers and say a little something about them.
  4.  Let them know they have been nominated.

With no pressure to accept and my apologies if you have been nominated for the award before…my nominees are…

Stephie Estie has a beautiful blog. I really love her “Skin Tips”!

Kellybean another fabulous blog with lots of girly goodness and lifestyle posts that inspire.

Parentingisfunny and beautiful (get it? Haha!). The Gravatar alone makes me smile when I see it. J

This Abundant Life has a great writing style with an awesome touch of humor that I more than love.

Someday Sunny has a wonderful Lifestyle & Beauty blog with a sense of humor that I ADORE! One of the most hilarious About pages I have ever read.

I Didn’t Have My Glasses On is a very uplifting blog that is contagious…in a good way. SMILES for all!

A Slice of Kate is a great hub for a mix of Lifestyle, DIY, Beauty & Fashion. Gorgeous easy to read blog!

Aw shucks—Liebster Award! Happy camper here!

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Holy macaroni boys and girls!  I am humbled and so very honored to accept the Liebster Award from the most fabulous Chanelle Hayley!!!  I so enjoy reading her blog and am sure you will too.  So pop over and check out her very posh space!  Sending out a big THANK YOU again to Ms. Chanelle for the fab nomination!  I also highly encourage you to check out my nominees as well.  By doing so, you and I are supporting new, emerging and re-emerging bloggers in this amazing blogosphere.  Reading, liking, commenting and if you delight…following…are many of the ways that we can contribute to this wonderful community.  So give ‘em a go!  :)

Award Rules:

  1. Link the person you were nominated by.
  2. Answer the questions from the blogger that nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Notify nominees social media/blogs.

My Answers to Chanelle’s Questions

1. What was the last book you read?

There’s More To Life Than This – Theresa Caputo

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

I have only ever lived in The Pacific Northwest of the United States and LOVE it here….so perhaps my answer would be different if I had lived elsewhere at points in my life to compare….but honestly I have no plans to move as my family and I very much love living here.  The lush beauty that is abundant for outdoor activities and the scenic views so breathtaking…it is an amazing place to call home.  I also love that we have all four seasons of weather here.  Spring rain, sun and blooming flowers and trees.   Summer hot and vibrant with crisp clean air.  Fall with its cool, but comfortable temps and gorgeous colors.  Winter typically mild with a dash of a snow day for fun here and there!  In every direction it is only a few hours to get to the mountains, the beach, the desert and valleys…yet large metropolitan areas are always close by.

3. Favorite item of clothing?

Camis.  I love to layer.

4. What motivates you? (Blogging, daily life etc.)

To get the most from this life that I have been blessed with.  Making the most of each day that I wake up and my feet hit the floor.  Growing as a person from each lesson that comes my way whether it is pleasant or not.  My children are a huge motivator to be a strong and positive force in their lives.  Striving constantly to prepare them for their next stages of their lives.  They are my JOY.

5. A fact about your personality?

I have a pretty great sense of humor.  I mean, I am so funny that you won’t forget to laugh…ever.  It’s okay to admit it.  I mean I can be your favorite funny person….if you’re gonna twist my arm.

6. Your idea of a perfect date?

Any 1-on-1 time with my hub.  Seriously, it could be anything from grabbing a bite at Subway and getting groceries to Ziplining in the forest.  That’s how we roll. :)

7. What did your last text message say?

I know lol

8. Three of your holy grail beauty products?

  • No. 7 Protect & Perfect Foundation
  • Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
  • BioSilk Silk Therapy for my hair

9. What nail color are you wearing right now?

I don’t recall the name as it was just a color I picked at the nail salon.  It is a light frosty pink shellac polish.

10. Do you have a favorite smell?

Waffle cones…especially at Disneyland on Main Street.

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I am terrible at these predictions as it always ends up different than what I think it will be.  I know for sure I will be enjoying life as it comes and hopefully writing a very successful blog at Cuppa Sunshine & Sugar.

My 11 Nominees and Questions for them

(No pressure to accept)

Cariad Carys

A Pirate Returns Home


Wee Little Z’s

Mom. Wife. My Life.


All My Ish


Home of The Heaton’s

The Pink Impact

Learn To Love Food

  1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
  2. What is something you have learned so far from blogging that you could pass on as a tip to new bloggers?
  3. What is one of the most awesome things we should know about you?
  4. Favorite season of the year?
  5. Favorite color?
  6. One of your pet peeves? (ridiculous or not)
  7. Favorite candy?
  8. Place you would like to travel to most if I handed you a ticket today?
  9. Favorite number?
  10. Morning person or Night Owl?
  11. What is your favorite post that you have written to date and why? (Please include link so we can read it)

As always thanks for ready friends! :) ~Lisa

WOO HOO! The Versatile Blogger Award!

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versitle-blogger-bw I am so very honored and thankful for this award from my blogging buddy Karen of Confetti & Curves!  She has been a great support for me and my written baby, Cuppa Sunshine & Sugar.  I have only been at this blogging adventure for a little less than a month and am truly seeing how amazing this community is.  I am so very happy to be here, writing, reading, and sharing with all in the blogosphere. I proudly accept this award and hereby extend forward the below criteria to meet the rules of the award and of course to have a bit of fun! Please be sure to check out the lovely blog of Karen Rees at Confetti & Curves.  She is what I like to call FANTABULOUS!!! AWARD RULES

  1. Show the award on your blog. (Check!)
  2. Thank the person who nominated you. (Check!)
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself. (Below…check!)
  4. Nominate 15 blogs.  (Below…check!)
  5. Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know (Below…check!)


  1. I have hated beets my entire life until one amazing fall day at age 34, at a quaint little restaurant, a chef made the “mistake” of putting pickled beets on my salad….and I LOVED THEM! I still hate the unpickled ones. If they didn’t smell and taste like dirt I’m sure I would love them too. So until they get their act together we can’t be friends.
  2. I almost always sleep with one leg out of the covers. Which only sucks when I clothesline my hubby in his knee caps as he strolls by on his way to the bathroom.
  3. I can wiggle my baby toe without moving any of the others. You just tried it didn’t you? Ha!
  4. I started getting gray hair at age 17 and in my mid-30’s am less than enjoying the new additions of random whiskers on my face.  WTH?  #1 I’m not a granny and #2 I’m not a dude.  Thank the Lord for hair dye and tweezers! Sheesh!
  5. I can assure you that if you are talking to me at the same time that I am writing, I am not listening to you. I am listening to myself inside my head so please keep the interruptions to a minimum. Gracias.
  6. I have some moments of feeling like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Tonight, in a 15 minute span of time…trying to throw dinner together for my mom and kids so that Mr. Man and I could head out on “date night”…I broke a bowl, spilled the full rice cooker and exploded chicken in the microwave. You can’t put a price on my kind of awesomeness.
  7. I have a dorky laugh (not like Pee Wee Herman or Spongebob…I have my own kinda flavor)….and LAUGHING IS MY FAVORITE! So learn to love it people! HAHAHAHA!

MY NOMINEES FOR THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD (In no particular order and with no pressure to accept) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! CHECK THEM OUT!

  1. The Surfing Pizza
  2. I Miss You When I Blink
  3. Post It Notes From My Idiot Boss
  4. Girl On The Contrary
  5. Sweetandweak
  6. Highest Form of Whit
  7. Listful Thinking
  8. Abby Has Issues
  9. Mommy Man
  10. A Bowl Full of Lemons
  11. parentingisfunny
  12. Illustrated With Crappy Pictures
  13. Kids Activity Blog
  14. A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself
  15. Bucket List Publications