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BOOM! Like the phoenix rising from the ashes—okay okay so not that cool.

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Well, well, well….it’s true I have been on a very LONG blogging break. As this gorgeous fall season settles in on me and our bustling routines are underway, I was just sitting here wondering what I was up for “next”.  I have found that going with my “gut” always steers me in the right direction and I’ll be darned if it didn’t steer me right back to my little Cuppa Sunshine & Sugar!  I have to say that following your “gut” certainly keeps life interesting, and honestly, less stressful in the grand scheme of things. So that said, after much consideration of all of the “do’s” and “don’ts” and “tips” for blogging that I have spent countless hours devouring…I have come to the conclusion that my blog is just that “My Blog”! Ha! What a novel idea (insert *sarcasm*)…that I can just roll with it.  Without any rules or do’s or don’ts.  Just me.  What I want to put out there.  When I want to put it out there.  Just let it be an amazing little haven for creativity to share with my awesometastic readers.  The funny thing is, this is what it always should have been.  Ya know, before it turned into something else that I loved but wanted to retreat from.  If that makes any sense at all….?  So here I am.  Onward!

First course of business.  Truth Time!  While in the past I was maintaining a strict posting schedule routine and became a stats junkie…I believe this was an integral part of pushing me to take a break.  I guess it just took the fun and spontaneity out of it for me in a lot of ways. With the time commitment I was maintaining….I realized I had put too much pressure on myself and that was never the goal. SO!  Going forward I am just gonna post when I post and roll with it. ;) Second and final course of business today….I HAVE MISSED YOU—MY READERS!!!!!  I hope you all are well, filled with warm happy fuzzies and looking as dapper as ever!  I look forward to catching up with all of you and leave you with a FUNNY of course! Enjoy your day! ~Lisa

P.S.  In my honest opinion…just say no to selfie sticks.

Redneck Selfie Stick
Redneck Selfie Stick

Oh snap! Blogger Breaktime

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It’s true.  One of the great beauties of blogging is being in control of what and when you write and post.  So why does taking a break feel so hard?  

Nonetheless, after a couple of crazy busy months I have decided that “thy plate runeth over” and it is simply too full for me to give 100% to even one thing on the plate.  I have often been asked how I find the time to blog and I would often just reply with time management tools and plans I use.  That said, as we have recently embarked on more activities with the kids, more hours at work and a remodel of our house…it’s totally throwing off my game.  Keeping it real…something’s  gotta give.  So in declaration of reclaiming my sanity (yahoo!)…I am taking a bit of a break from blogging (wah! sniff!).  

Don’t fret my friends! Cuppa Sunshine & Sugar will stay up for my readers to feel free to revisit posts and recipes and to comment or contact me anytime.  

This break will hopefully help recharge my creative writing batteries as well as keep all that our family has going on…manageable (Crossing fingers).  I’ll still pop into reading up on what is new with my blogging buddies as well so I will still see you all around in that regard.

With that bit of news…I leave you with a giggle of my “Mom of the Year” moment this week…

So my dear friend that cares for my littles while I’m at work…well she needed to use Lil Guy’s change of clothes out of his diaper bag after he sat in a puddle at the park.  Clearly I packed that change of clothes a LONG time ago.  My growin’ boy was less that pleased with the mini-fit! Ha ha! Oops! Sorry buddy!


Weekly Whims: 25 Average Parent Problems

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Oh my goodness…I love how these photos by @averageparentproblems capture so many moments that happen all too often when you have little ones around.  Hilarious after the moment has passed usually…ha ha ha!  Hands down this is my new favorite Instagram feed.  Enjoy a giggle and let me know if you have experienced any or all of these moments! I’m at 21 of the 25!  Ha ha!  Have an awesometastic day friends! ~ Lisa

(As posted on Mommy Shorts)

1) Toy Problems



2) Stuffed Animal Problems

average parent problems9


3) Feminine Hygiene problems

average parent problems15


4) Getting out the door problems

average parent problems2


5) New Baby Problems

average parent problems3


6) Game Playing Problems

average parent problems4


7) Mall Problems

average parent problems5


8) Permanent Marker Problems

average parent problems6


9) Selfie Problems

average parent problems10


10) Balloon Problems

average parent problems11


11) Restaurant Problems



12) Even Worse Restaurant Problems

enjoy your meal


13) Sharing Problems

average parent problems12


14) Phone Problems

average parent problems13


15) Co-sleeping Problems

average parent problems14


16) Stroller problems

average parent problems18


17) changing table problems

diaper cream


18) Wardrobe Problems



19) Safety Problems



20) Dad Problems



21) Tub Problems



22) New Skill Problems



23) Art Problems



24) School Picture Problems



25) Playroom Problems

average parent problems20

If you want more average parent problems, I highly suggest you follow @averageparentproblems on Instagram. You can even submit photos of your own with the hashtag #averageparentproblems for the chance to get featured. Or post them on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page.

But if you consider yourself even slightly above average, this Instagram feed is probably not for you. You’d like @aboveaverageparentproblems where parents complain about their kale getting cold because they were in the middle of an exciting homeschool lesson… but I promise, that account does not exist. Yet.

Sunday Scoops: Simple Strawberry Shortcake! Happy Mother’s Day!

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This week’s addition of Sunday Scoops is dedicated to my Mom who is truly the most beautiful person inside and out.  She is my best friend, a loving and nurturing Nana to my little ones and is such a compassionate and kind person that the world is genuinely a better place because she is in it.  My brother and I are so very blessed to have her as our Mom. #bestmomever

Since I was a little girl we have shared many desserts, but I think the one that stands out the most in my mind as a real treat from my mom was always Strawberry Shortcake.  Maybe because it was a quick go-to, tasty recipe with very few ingredients.  It was great to whip up no matter the time of year for a busy working mom and has always been a real treat for our family.  So listen, I know there are a ton of homemade from scratch recipes out there that I could share, but you know what, I am going to go with exactly what my Mom whipped up for us in no time flat.  Keeping it simple, budget friendly and true to one of my sweetest childhood treats.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  Love you forever and always!  ~ Lisa

1) Fresh strawberries.  Chopped, then mashed. Leave it chunky with juice to spoon over cake. (if desired, add sugar to taste)

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2) Cut and plate angel food cake (Store bought or recipe at Sweet & Savory) or dessert cups

3) Top with Whipped Cream or Cool Whip.  Voila! YUM!



Weekly Whims: 13 Tips For New College Graduates and YOU!

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I seriously can’t believe this school year is almost over!  I feel like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was buying back-to-school stuff and getting everyone out the door on the school routine after a spontaneous summer fun frenzy.  This article by Living On The Cheap has fantastic tips for new college graduates, but some of the tips are very sound advice for anyone really, myself included.  Decisions with finances and money management are so important for future planning.  While retirement seems so far away for many of us….planning now is a key factor in living the life you want when you are older.  Not to say that you need to forfeit all the fun and “wants” in life, just be money smart!  I really find that living within your means and making it a goal to not only manage your debt, but to really payoff debts and gain assets in your own right is not only going to make your financial part of life better…it keeps the gloom of “the debt cloud” away.  When you know you are in control and managing it well, this creates a happier and more positive outlook on your daily life and future.  Go for it!  Empower yourself with these great tips!  Thanks for reading friends!  ~ Lisa


By Living On The Cheap  April 29, 2015  Posted by Teresa Mears

It’s college graduation time. That means those of us who have been around the block a few times can’t resist sharing some of our sage advice with the young people who are preparing to start their professional lives.

While every decision you make when you’re 21 or 22 won’t irrevocably change the course of your life, a few may. On the other hand, being afraid to experiment or afraid to fail may keep you from important experiences.

“Your 20s really are the time to explore,” says Jean Chatzky, financial editor of NBC’s “Today” show, an author whose books include “Not Your Parents’ Money Book” and the mother of a college-age son. “Before you get married and before you have kids, you don’t have a lot of financial responsibilities.”

Many college graduates live with their parents, which was considered unusual a generation ago. That can be a smart short-term plan, Chatzky says, emphasizing short-term. By not paying rent, a young person can build up a financial cushion and save for such things as a car, rent deposit or house down payment, graduate school or even a trip around the world.

Graduation is an excellent time to get your financial life started on the right foot. But it’s not all about money. This is the advice Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, offered University of Michigan graduates in 2013:

So far you guys have gotten where you are by meeting and exceeding expectations … From here on out, you have to switch gears,” he said. “There are no expectations. There is no script. When you’re doing what you love to do, you become resilient … If, on the other hand, you do what you think is expected of you, or what you’re supposed to do, and chaos ensues – as it surely will – you will look to external sources for what to do next, because that will be the habit you’ve created for yourself. You’ll be standing there frozen on the stage of your own life.

New college graduates would be wise to follow these 13 tips:

Establish credit, use it wisely and monitor your profile. “If you look at the people who are most prone to ID theft, it’s not seniors – it’s college students,” Chatzky says. “It’s because they have such a substantial online profile. Unscrupulous persons can create a profile and pretend to be you.”

Live within your means. Living below your means is even better. “Don’t get stuck in lifestyle creep,” advises LaTisha D. Styles, an investment analyst in Atlanta who started the Young Finances website four years ago at age 26. When she received her annual cost-of-living raise the last few years, she increased her contribution to her 401(k) plan and stuck with a frugal lifestyle. “In the meantime, I stayed in the same apartment, spent roughly the same on groceries and entertainment and never really felt the financial crunch because my increased contributions were offset by less taxable income,” she says.

Save money automatically. You can do it through payroll deduction, automatic withdrawal from your bank account or throwing change in a jar. “Building the habit of saving and setting money aside is more important than the amount in those first few years,” says Julie Rains, the mother of a college sophomore who writes about personal finance for Wise Bread and her own blog, Working to Live Differently.

Take advantage of employer 401(k) plans. If your employer offers a 401(k) plan or equivalent, contribute as much as you can – ideally at least enough to get the maximum employer match. “By not taking advantage of it, you’re essentially leaving free money on the table and giving yourself a pay cut,” says Robert Farrington, founder and editor-in-chief of The College Investor website. “The younger you are when you start, the more powerful compounding interest works for you. By starting at 22 vs. 30, you could add hundreds of thousands of dollars more to your retirement account.”

Pay your bills on time. Not only is it a good habit, it will help you build credit and avoid exorbitant late fees.

Choose your friends wisely. Don’t hang out with, or even consider dating, people who encourage you to spend your money foolishly. Those kinds of attitudes rub off. The dating part is especially important because you absolutely don’t want to marry someone who doesn’t share your financial values.

Weigh the costs vs. benefits before going to graduate school. In some fields, such as education, a master’s degree is a necessity. In others, having a master’s degree grants few career benefits beyond what you learn. You don’t want to accrue additional debt to get a degree that won’t increase your salary. After you’ve been in the workplace several years, you may decide to change direction or your employer may pay your way.

Learn about personal finance and investing. The Internet is exploding with blogs and websites aimed at teaching 20-somethings how to manage their money. Read, learn and think ahead.

Don’t expect to get a job by only filling out online applications. You are more likely to find a job through your college professors, parents, friends of parents and parents of friends, pastors, former babysitting clients and anyone else you know. This could require talking to people on the phone or in person. Just do it.

Clean up your social media profile. It’s the first thing prospective employers will look at. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, create one to highlight skills you’ve gained through your education, your volunteer work or any jobs you’ve had so far. Remember to spell all the words right and don’t trust autocorrect. First impressions are important.

Stay in touch with your college friends and professors. Networking is one of the most important career skills you’ll ever learn, and social media has just made it easier. Decades after you graduate, you may get your dream job from the guy you played poker with as an undergraduate.

Learn to cook and clean. Not only will cooking save you money, but you’ll also be healthier. If you don’t already know how to clean and do laundry, pick up those skills, too. If you’re living at home, it’s an excellent trade for free rent.

Splurge on experiences, not things. This is not the time to buy a new Corvette or a designer wardrobe, even if you just got a wonderful job with a fabulous salary. You’ll never be this free again. Take every opportunity to travel and try new experiences.

A version of this story appeared previous at U.S. News and World Report.